Redheads BBQ Festival – Adelaide


Well where to start, what a amazing event, the first for Australia, held in Adelaide October 6-7 the Redheads BBQ festival was all about BBQ’s, Smokers and Beer, well organized and plenty of great food to go around, one of the highlights for us was the BBQ/Smoke Champion Competition of Adelaide where we have a lot of hard earned fun submitting our competition platter in front of a selection of Master Chefs and BBQ Experts and a special thanks goes out to Graeme Ayerst the event organizer

And then there were smokers, BBQ’s of all different shapes and sizes


One of the days highlights was the Pork Ribs that we cold smoked in Hickory and cooked slowly over the grill for the people to enjoy some great tasting!

People put some great effort into the stands and food was enjoyed by all

One of the highlights was the cold beer on tap as the sun was shining and sitting around 28C over the 2 days

Overall can’t say enough of the awesome time we had and a special thanks goes out to Chris the Master Chef and Chris Girvan-Brown

Next Stop is Redheads BBQ Festival in Melbourne and Sydney in 2013 Look forward to seeing you all there!!

Team Bradley Smoker